A.I. platform for rapid deep-learning application development

COSMONiO® NOUS™ is a revolutionary active deep-learning platform that learns to perform tasks through user interaction. No cloud processing required.

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Develop cutting-edge deep-learning applications

No A.I. experience required

What is NOUS?

NOUS™ is an A.I. platform for image analysis. The user annotates a small number images. NOUS™ trains and deploys its deep neural network in real-time on a local intelligent processing unit (IPU). User feedback is used to improve detection performance and accuracy.

What is it used for?

  • Pattern detection and classification
  • Abnormality detection in images
  • Custom deep-learning application development
  • Evolving vision systems
  • As an intelligent processing unit for wearable devices
Currently, NOUS™ is only available for pilot projects.


  • Ultra-fast deep neural network training and deployment on a single platform.
  • Intuitive tablet-based user interface.
  • Learns from Big and Small Data
  • Local processing without the cloud
  • Guaranteed privacy

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